Christians for Assyrians of Iraq

Stand for Iraq’s Assyrians, Save the Nineveh Plains
November 10, 2006, 12:18 pm
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Save the date! On Monday, December 4th, 2006, Christians for Assyrians of Iraq will peacefully demonstrate in front of the White House (Pennsylvania Avenue).In this two-hour demonstration in front of the White House, our coalition will rally America’s political leaders to recognize the tragedy facing the Assyrians and support the formation of the Nineveh Plains Administrative Unit in northern Iraq.  This rally follows the urgency of the humanitarian issue facing persecuted Assyrians and other Christians in Iraq, and offers a solution: the creation of the Nineveh Plains Administrative Unit as a province for Assyrians and other Christians in Iraq. 

Your participation in this event means two things: first, you will positively and directly impact the lives of persecuted Assyrians and other Christians in Iraq; and second, you will give them hope for a better future.  If the Nineveh Plains Administrative Unit is formed, the vast exile of Assyrians from their homeland will be reversed.  Instead of Assyrians escaping ethnic and religious persecution by fleeing to neighboring countries, Assyrians will have a territory where they can worship freely in their churches, speak their language, work their land, and live their lives without fear of persecution. 


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Chebo! Our cause will not be forgotten. We are with you, always, in the demonstration and in spirit.

Helen Talia

Comment by Helen Talia - Chicago

I am unable to attend this wonderful and special event in person but I am with my Assyrian Christian brothers and sisters all the way!! I support my Assyrian brothers and sisters completely!! Stand against Islam!! I will pray for
the Assyrians and this special event.

Comment by Jeffrey Storey

Part of this demonstration is having participants, and the other part is getting media. One thing I noticed at other events was that there were no News Channels present. Maybe we should try to get someone to cover this. “Just a suggestion.”

Comment by Romil Benyamino

Assyrians of Russia will support you and provide with good media coverage in Russia. Good luck

Best Regards

Comment by Nickolas

Also Assyrians of Georgia are with you.
Good Luck!

Comment by Ilona

I cannot be there but my prayers are with you on Dec. 4th, my Christian brothers and sisters. I second the importance of having news coverage of this event. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way to get action on a matter.

Comment by Sandra - Portland, OR

Writing from Los Angeles, CA – I won’t be able to attend this rally but I applaud your efforts. Your fight is not falling on def ears. When you’re marching, know that you’re marching for all of us that wish we could be there with you.

Comment by Genevieve

I have a very good friend In Los Angeles, He is Assyrian, I fully support the Assyrian people and I applaud your efforts, God Bless you all. God Bless the U.S.A and God Bless the Assyrians of Iraq, The first Christian people.

Comment by David Goldstein

I write from Sweden. I hope that all the Assyrian people in U.S.A and also other Christian people are support you in front of the white house tomorrow. The Assyrians from Sweden are prayfor all the christians in Iraq.

Good luck and God bless you all!


Comment by Simon

Mny warm greetings to Assyrians from Yerevan, Armenia. I hope your plans will be achieved, and we will see an Assyrien region in Iraq soon. Long live ASSYRIA!

Comment by Vahagn

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